Running Challenge

Just this morning, while doing some stretching exercises before our Saturday morning run, Pablo posed a very enticing workout challenge. (Enticing because I know I can beat him to it. *fingers crossed*). πŸ˜‚

Going back to the challenge…

Since we’ve been regularly (well sort of regular, I believe) running 5k every Saturday, he tested me earlier if I will agree to run 5k continuously, without any walking break (not even power walking πŸ˜¨πŸ™„). For some, this may be easy peasy, but this girl, ladies and gentlemen, is not a fan of running. I just try my best during every run to show up, and finish our set goal. I can run, but I can’t say I love doing it unlike yoga or HIIT workouts. But don’t get me wrong, after every run, I feel so proud of myself, and I feel very happy that I’m able to push my lazy bumbums, and actually achieve our target. Oh, and the runner’s high? That euphoric feeling after running? IT. IS. REAL, guys! Thankful to the jowa for being so persistent in inviting me to run with him, and for being sooooo patient with me!

Anyway, back to the challenge. So, when he asked if I’m up for that challenge, my competitive self just can’t say no. (Hello, spirit animal ni Ate Girl si Amy Santiago. Hahaha!) But before agreeing to him, I tried to make a deal by requesting for a reward should I be able to do the continuous 5k run. Guys, he was so game with it! To stretch my luck, I carefully thought of what I want that can somehow make him call off the deal. Ta-daaaaa! My request reward is a full set of make-up, which I will choose (Sorry, drugstore make-up not included). πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m not sure if he just badly wants to run 5k without interruption, or if he thinks I cannot do it. He willingly obliged to my offer! So before he changes his mind, we sealed the deal. *game face on*

Because of excitement, I thought I will win the deal today. Hahaha! But, I was able to run up to 3k only (without break), because I really felt the need to catch my breath. This tiny girl cannot keep up also with Pablo’s long strides. Kapagod mga besh! For the last 2k, we finished it by alternating running and walking. But, hey, that was already an improvement. I usually take my walking break after the first or second lap.

I know Pablo is doing this, because he knows I can still push my limits, and I’m just too lazy to #UpMyGaling (Milo ad? πŸ˜‚). We’ve been planning to increase our distance to 7k then eventually to 10k, but it is not pushing through, because I cannot even finish 5k without looking so wasted.

Ooooor maybe he is doing this because he just wants to train for their 21k run, and he knows he will not secure a proper training if he will pace with me. Hence, the challenge. πŸ€”

Hahaha! Either way, I know in my heart I will win this. Sorry, Love! 🀣

BTW, our running record improved also today. Yeeey! This makes me think if we should make the 30-min duration for 5k our challenge, instead of the 5k run without breaks. What do you, guys, think? 😊

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