New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of the year when many of us will come up with our year-end essays and long list of resolutions for the coming year. πŸ˜‚ Others may think that doing so is overrated, well kanya kanyang trip lang ‘yan. Let them express or write anything they want. You, on the other hand, have the freewill to read or skip the post anyway. πŸ™‚

For my year-end entry (hahaha), I would opt to do a New Year’s resolutions list. While I know that change in habit or behavior does not have to happen only during the new year, I also believe in the spirit of fresh start, and the renewed sense of hope that comes with welcoming another year. This helps in setting a positive outlook or tone to start the year right and strong.

2018 has been the toughest year for me, and I must say I did hit rock bottom this year. This is the year of loss for me – I lost one of the most important people in my life, I lost my drive, I lost track of time, I lost so much sleep (hahaha), and in some ways, I could say I almost lost myself. There came a point when I do not know what I want in my life anymore; there’s just too much noise that do not make sense.

So to turn-around my 2019, I came up with my resolutions. The overarching theme for the things that will be listed below is self-love/self-care. Because it is about damn time to give myself the love I deprived her for quite a while now. πŸ€—

First on the list is getting enough sleep. I’ve been dedicating my weekends to sleeping in, because I lack sleep all the time. During weekdays, I have to wake up extra early, and go home very late because of traffic and work. In 2019, I will try my best to clock in at least 7-8 hours of continuous and quality sleep per day.

Next is to be more present, and to reduce screen time. I should not only be present physically. I will make it a habit to live in the moment, and feel the complete experience of things. Somehow connected to this is, reducing the amount of time I will be spending on my phone and laptop so I could totally be in the moment. Doing so will also help me give my eyes a break, and gain focus.

I will be more generous, not just in terms of material things, but also in terms of my time and myself. I will make myself more readily available to my loved ones. I will be more willing to offer a listening ear or a helping hand to those who will need it.

I will attend check-ups regularly. If you will ask me how many routine check-ups I have attended this year, my answer will be zero. This excludes our annual physical exam, though, since that one is required by my employer. I have abused the “I-don’t-have-time” excuse this year, so it will no longer work in 2019. I will definitely visit my doctors regularly next year.

It is high time for me to watch what I eat, not because I am on a diet, but because I want to live healthier. So to attain a healthier body, I will make an effort to prepare and cook my own food. I would like to highlight the phrase make an effort, though, because honestly, this requires dedication and time. Hahaha! But I will try my best to commit.

Next year will also be the year of conquering fears, and having the courage to get out of my comfort zone. I will not be afraid to try new things aka start learning how to drive. Char! But yeah, I will be braver in facing my own fears.

I will start making it a habit again to list down all the things I need to accomplish, and to keep a journal. I should not be too confident in believing that my brain can accommodate all the things it should remember.

I will avoid impulse shopping, and I will be more prudent in spending. I may have overspent on *things* this year, because I always have a handy excuse whenever I’m splurging: I deserve to treat myself. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ In 2019, this will not work anymore. Hello, Pablo. Please take note. πŸ˜…

Lastly, and I guess this is the most gasgas of them all – is to write more this year. If there’s one resolution that keeps popping on my list, this will be it. Hahaha! I should really take my passion project seriously. I will allot more time to keep this blog alive. Next year, I promise to write more often. I’m making my statement online, so I can better commit and stick to my promise. 😊

And that’s it for me. πŸ™‚

We only have a few more days left in 2018. Let’s use the remaining days to reconnect and reflect.

I am sincerely wishing everyone a more positive, joyful and blessed 2019! πŸ’–


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