Checking In

Just renewed my plan for this blog, and I realized I was not able to maximize my last year’s plan, and I am not really good at maintaining my commitment to write more often. I know I do not have to explain to anyone, but my inactivity here is just a mere by-product of life’s busyness, and life’s way of hitting me hard. 2018 is a real roller coaster of emotions. I think I am hitting my rock bottom this year, and although there are a couple of highs, I cannot say that I am truly resurfacing from the depths of darkness. But I am learning to get by. Amidst this semi-existential crisis I am feeling, I am still able to laugh things off, and I am still grateful with everything I am going through and have gone through, which for me are good indicators that I might still be holding up, and doing well.

Anyhoo, just checking in to say I am very much alive, guys. 🙂 And I am so excited to go back on track. I have been exploring, and doing some new things to and for myself to help me in my healing process, and I might be sharing these in my next posts.

See you around! ❤️

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