I’m at my heaviest

And to be honest, I am not bothered. 🙂

Roughly two months ago, Pablo and I decided to get a gym membership. And ever since our enrollment, we’ve been fairly consistent with working out for four to five days per week (except for my one week hiatus due to work commitment during the first week of October).

My starting weight when we joined the gym was around 43 kgs. That’s my most consistent weight ever since I started working. During my initial assessment, I was told by one of the coaches who assisted me that I have an athletic built, which is very surprising, because I don’t play any sports. I had been very inconsistent also with my workouts then.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I checked my weight, and I could not believe my eyes when I saw I am at 46 kgs!!! Like how could I gain 3 kgs? I’ve never been this consistent, and very disciplined with working out. But I just thought, I ate and drank a lot of water prior to checking my weight. Last night, I tried to weigh myself again just to double check. Without shoes and bag, I am still at 46 kgs! 😳 To-date, this is my heaviest. I never weigh beyond 45 kgs.

I must admit that it made me upset for a while, because it felt like all my efforts were put into waste. Then I re-assessed. Do I really want to lose or maintain my weight? Because to be honest, I know I do not really mind about it, because ultimately my goal is to be leaner and longer. Also, I am not strict with my food intake. I eat whatever I want, be it on the healthy side or the junk, processed side of the food choices. My diet is something I am not proud to share yet, because of my love-hate relationship with fast food, chips and noodles. 😅

I believe the real reason why I gained that extra 3 kgs despite exercising, and not changing my eating habits is because I’m starting to gain muscles. I truly believe that some of my jiggly fats are now converted into muscles. And as we know, muscles weigh heavier than fats. I have started incorporating weightlifting in my routine, aside from the usual bodyweight exercises I am so used to doing. So an additional kgs on the scale should not be a surprise. I also feel that my arms and legs are starting to become leaner, and my waist area is also trimming down, and starting to form cuts. 😅 I am not having any trouble fitting into my clothes as well. So I should not be bothered really with my weight gain. 🙂

I know one of our motivations why we exercise is to lose weight. While it is true for many, if not all, my main motivation why I workout, on the other hand, is to become stronger, leaner, longer, and to achieve my personal physical goals. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m eager to push my lazy bumbums every session to achieve my targets. 😊 Hashtag strong is the new sexy. 😉 (#StrongIsTheNewSexy)

To anyone struggling, hitting plateaus, and feeling like they are not getting any closer to their desired body goals, just keep on going, and enjoy the process. Do not pressure yourself too much, and be patient with your journey. One day you’ll be so surprised with your beautiful transformation and new found strength. ❤️