Okay. Let’s talk about your feelings, Mary Rose. Let’s discuss it for your sanity’s sake. I honestly don’t know where to start. But I’m going to put this one out here because I’m better at writing about my thoughts, rather than talk about them with someone else – yup, not even with my dad, brothers,…

Tuesdays aren’t my favorite

Just before I hit the sack, I just need to release my frustrations. Ever since I started working, I instantly developed a negative feeling toward Tuesday. For some reason, I noticed that my misfortunes usually fall on a Tuesday, and everything seems to be heavier during this day of the week – workload, traffic, etc….

2017 Life Lessons

I still can’t believe that 2017 will be over in a few days! I’ve been constantly hearing myself say that the past years went by fast, but 2017 is like soooo high in adrenaline; everything seems to pass by incredibly faster this year. Honestly, I can’t keep up sometimes. I can still remember my last…

Healthy Boundaries

Wow! It has been weeks since I last posted an entry. I have a lot of drafts awaiting review, but I am still finding the best time to squeeze them in my current schedule. Apologies for my inactivity for the past weeks, but it has been a very, very busy start of the year for me….

Make a Stand

My Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline have never experienced a rest with all the exchange of heated debates regarding all the hullabaloos happening here in the country and abroad. I, myself, can’t help but to share my personal point of view, when all the things I happen to read in my social media accounts are…