Tuesdays aren’t my favorite

Just before I hit the sack, I just need to release my frustrations.

Ever since I started working, I instantly developed a negative feeling toward Tuesday. For some reason, I noticed that my misfortunes usually fall on a Tuesday, and everything seems to be heavier during this day of the week – workload, traffic, etc.

But to be fair, this Tuesday morning was great. We did not have to wait to get in the UV Express going to Trinoma. I did not ride the MRT. I was able to ride the P2P bus for the first time. I got to steal an hour of sleep while commuting comfortably. I reached Makati 20 minutes earlier than expected. I was able to walk from the drop-off point to the office under a very good weather, and I did not get lost (Hooray! Miracles do happen!). And I arrived at our training venue just in time. That was a very good start, right? So I thought, “Good job, Tuesday! At least we’re okay today.”

But I guess, Tuesday would not really be complete without teasing me.

After the training, the rain poured. Oh how I hate rain, especially on a rush hour! Okay, keep your cool, Mary Rose. Then after a few minutes, the rain stopped. I opened a map app on my phone, and pinned my destination. The app said it’s going to be 15-min walk to reach the terminal, where I could get a ride. But I was super confident that I could go back to my drop-off point this morning even without following the map. Boom! I trusted my navigation skills too much that I eventually got lost. But wing it to win it, I said. I walked and I walked and I walked for more than 15 minutes. I was getting tired, but I got hope when I saw a familiar place – the MRT station. And so I decided to go to the train station instead, and terminate the original plan of riding the P2P bus. But upon entering the station, the loooong lines welcomed me, so I exited the station, and looked for the P2P bus terminal. The terminal is not too far from the MRT station. But when I reached the terminal, another long line greeted me. Sure, it was way shorter than the lines in MRT, but I think I wasted more time queueing to get in the bus. I attempted to go back to the MRT station, but I was just too tired to walk again, and the thought of too much skinship, and bursting of personal bubble inside the train made me more exhausted.

I know today’s misfortunes are products of my wrong choices and decision. But let me blame it on my not-so-favorite day, and use my pass for being irrational, because Aunt Flo is coming to town.

Tomorrow (later) is another day. I should get some sleep.

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