25 Reasons Why I Am So Into You

It’s your silver year, Love! Happy, happy birthday!

And since today is your birthday, I would like to be (more) publicly cheesy, and to proudly share the 25 reasons why I am so into you. πŸ˜‰ (25 lang muna ha? I will not be able to stop if I will not put a cap on this, because I could go on and on and on.) 😊

I am very smitten by you because…

  1. you have a very tight-knit relationship with your family, and you love them so much;
  2. you love my family as your own;
  3. you have amazing and inspiring goals in life. And it gets me extra kilig when you talk about some of your goals that include me and our relationship;
  4. you are one of the selfless people I know with a very genuine heart;
  5. you do not shy away from me even if I randomly (and awkwardly) dance or sing publicly πŸ˜‚;
  6. you allow me to practice my acting skills, and still look at me as if I’m adorable even though I know that I’m certainly not πŸ˜‚;
  7. you handle my mood swings very well. Yup, VERY WELL 😁;
  8. you are always the first one to say sorry even if I’m at fault ✌;
  9. you allow me to eat a lot without judging me;
  10. you never fail to tell me how beautiful (and sexy) I am even if I look Haggardo Versoza, or if my tummy is already sticking out because of relentless food binging;
  11. you support me in everything I do, and believe in me, even if I’m uncertain with what I’m doing, and I do not have confidence in myself;
  12. you always encourage me to pursue my dreams and wants;
  13. you always patiently wait for me. Emphasis on always. At least hindi na taon binibilang, oras na lang, diba? (Lagi kasing may nag-o-OT πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚);
  14. you do not have any vices. Yaaaaaaas! Plus 100,000,000,000 pogi points!
  15. you willingly accompany me in every place I want to visit, or everything I want to do;
  16. you are a certified Instagram boyfriend!!! And I don’t have to ask you to take pictures of me, because you do it voluntarily;
  17. the day will not end without you asking me how my day went, and that’s very sweet of you;
  18. your sense of humor is one-of-a-kind;
  19. you encourage me to be on top of my health;
  20. you cook and bake delicious food and pastries!!!! Another 100,000,000,000 pogi points for you!
  21. you are always full of surprises, very sweet and unique surprises;
  22. you are always honest with me. You never gave me a reason to doubt;
  23. you do not let go of my hand in every season we are in. You make sure I will not feel alone in everything I go through;
  24. you can turn every rain or thunderstorm into a sunny day. You make my life so much brighter 🌞;
  25. and of course, you are GWAPOGICUTEHANDSOMEMACHO. Incontestable. πŸ˜‰

I am one blessed girl for having you in my life. I will not trade you for the world. Again, happy birthday, Love! Mahal kita. Sobra. πŸ’–

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