Sunnies Cafe: Serving Sunshine in Every Dish

I’ve been meaning to try Sunnies Cafe for the longest time. I am a self-confessed fan/stalker of its Instagram account. Opportunity to try it came when my boyfriend was assigned in Boni to attend a week-long training, and having a dinner date in Megamall suddenly became realistic. They say when opportunity knocks on your door, go grab it. So I did not hesitate to ask him out. ūüėā

The restaurant/cafe sits at the right corner of Mega Atrium, 2nd floor. It can be easily spotted because it is one of the well-lighted restaurants in the area. Also, the tita feels its ambiance is bringing is so strong, you cannot deny its presence.

Upon our arrival in Sunnies Cafe, we were immediately welcomed by the staff, and we were directed to a vacant table. We arrived there a little late already, but the cafe was still full-house.

We were given the menu, and it took us quite a while before we were able to pick what we will eat. I am such a sucker for breakfast food, and their breakfast selection looks so delicious. So choosing was a big dilemma.

Below are the the food we filled our bellies with:

For starters, we had their crispy tacos. I am so intrigued with this meal because I was not sure if those were quail eggs. And yaaaaas! Those cute sunny side ups were indeed quail eggs!!!! This meal was so flavorful, and quite salty for my taste, but I like it! The parmesan taco shells were yummeh! BTW, if you do not like cilantro, you may request them to set aside the cilantro cream sauce.
This is their baked squid ink lasagna. The calamares was cooked perfectly. It did not have the bubblegum bite, and the coating was crispy. It tasted light, and it complemented well the lasagna. The pasta seemed like it was handmade, which is a plus for me. However, when we were almost done with this meal, we noticed that the pasta was still doughy at the bottom layer. We even saw some flour, which became more evident because of the black squid ink. Nonetheless, it still got a passing rate for me, because the creamy cheese sauce was generously spread on the lasagna, and it was a very filling meal.
Their granola bowl¬†was simple, but it was my favorite!!! This meal was supposed to have bananas as toppings, but we were informed that there were no more bananas, so they just added more strawberries and mangoes on our order (which I believe made us more of the winner in this scenario. Hahaha!). Both the strawberries and mangoes were sweet.¬†The cinnamon sprinkled on top added flavor.¬†The yogurt’s consistency was just right.¬†And the granola was toasted to perfection. This meal, for me, is perfect!
This is actually what brought me to their yard. (Yes, in reference to Kelis’ song, but with the wholesome takeaway on its meaning. Hahaha!) I love matcha so I made sure to order it. Pablo ordered kimye, which has cookies and cream base. I personally do not like milkshakes, because I find this type of drink too heavy for me. But I was able to finish their milkshake! The toasted rice crispies on my matcha milkshake helped in preventing the cloying feeling¬†I get when drinking milkshakes. One thing I noticed though¬†was the faint taste of matcha. If it was not labeled as matcha, and was not color green, I would have thought that it was actually a vanilla milkshake.

Overall, our dining experience was very pleasant. They have a lot of staff, and it can be observed that they are confident in dealing with customers. The place and food are both IG-worthy and delicious! I would definitely go back here to try the other food they offer.

If you wish to have a tita brunch or cocktails/wine night with your amigas, a family lunch or dinner, or just a plain catch-up with your friends, this is a very good place to try. They currently have two branches. The first ever cafe they put up is in Bonifacio High Street, and the other one is in Megamall. You may click here to view their exact location, contact numbers, and schedule.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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