Rainy weather thoughts

I am not a big fan of rain. The gloomy weather invites gloomy thoughts and unreasonable sadness. Aside from the sluggishness that comes with it, the rain gives me all the reasons to disregard all the will power I am left with.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still thankful for the rain, especially that we became so helpless with the water crisis just recently, and because of the cold weather it gives off. But aside from those reasons, this summer baby would still prefer her sunny and bright days.

The past year was a real struggle for me. I still cannot say that I am able to fully bounce back from everything that has happened, even though I usually put on a happy facade. I still get random triggers that lead me to feel intense pain, regret, grief, demotivation, and whatnot. The rainy weather is not much of a help with my journey of healing.

The rain has its power over me to magnify the not-so-positive feelings I tend to feel during this season. But here’s to hoping that sunny days will soon take over to hug me with its warmth, and to remind me to keep on shining, and to be a ray of sunshine. ğŸŒž

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