Power of Prayer

A few months ago, while on our way to work, Pablo and I had a conversation about our childhood. I cannot clearly remember other parts of our conversation, but what struck me was my recollection of how I pray every night when I was still a little kid.

I told him, every night before going to bed, I would recite one of the prayers we learned from school, which is the Daily Prayer to Guardian Angel, then that would be followed by my own giving of thanks, seeking for mercy, and prayer requests.

At four years old, my prayer requests would go on like this:

“Lord, please extend the lives of my loved ones, even if it means cutting my life shorter to extend theirs, I’m okay with that.”  (I know this may seem a little odd.)

“Lord, please heal us, and kill all the bacteria and viruses that make us sick.”

“Lord, please save us from all the bad people. Always keep us safe wherever we are.”

“Lord, please make all the bad people repent, and I hope no one will be in jail because all people will be good.”

“Lord, I pray that all of us, all the people in the world, will live in harmony, and we will not have enemies.”

I recite those until I fall asleep.

Then when I started growing up, my prayers changed a bit. And eventually, as I grew older, most of my prayer requests are about myself, family and loved ones, school/career only.

That moment, I realized that I miss my younger self, the one who is so innocent with selfless desires. Who would have thought that I would have that kind of realization, and be grateful being stuck in traffic? Hehe! I am so happy to rediscover that old part of me. And I think that was a wake up call to me to pray more, and pray harder not just for my own desires, but also for the whole world, which needs more love and prayers now more than ever.

Prayers are powerful! We might not always get a “yes” right away, but He who hears us, and knows our desires even before we ask, surely knows what to bless us with, and when to give us what we need. Never ever get tired of praying, and never ever doubt its power. 🙂

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  1. joyshimmers says:

    AMAZING!! ✨🙏

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