Pepi Cubano: A Hidden Food Haven in Makati

I am such a tinapay girl! I could probably give up rice, and just eat bread forever. I remember when I was still in grade school, I always had sandwiches in my snack bag. Came college, my grocery items would not be complete without a loaf of bread on top of the other types of bread I purchase as my midnight snack. I could even finish an entire loaf in one sitting, and I am not kidding (But I changed my eating habits now, I promise! šŸ˜‚).

So when Pablo mentioned Pepi Cubano to me, and described what type of sandwiches it serves, I knew we have to visit it, and that it will be a part of our “favorite” list.

Side story: Pablo discovered what the Cuban sandwiches are when he watched the movie Chef. Right then and there, he opened his Zomato app, and looked for restaurants that serve cubano. Luckily, he found a restaurant, and it is in Makati – the Pepi Cubano. It was also featured in one of the posts in Instagram of his crush, so this is really a must for us to visit. Hahaha!

Our craving for cubano did not die down, but it took us a lot of months before our taste buds had a contact with these delicious sandwiches, because the Fairview-to-Makati route feels like a trip to the provinces surrounding Metro Manila. (We usually avoid the south part of the metro on weekends, because we have more than enough dose of EDSA/C5 every weekday.) #FARviewProblems

Another side story: We were supposed to go back to Pinto Art Museum that day, but because the weather was not so nice, and we needed to pick up our Music Run kit, we changed our date plan. Since we also wanted to visit the Ayala Museum and Yuchengco Museum in Makati, we opted to explore these museums instead. That hinted us an opportunity to finally have a taste of Pepi Cubano!

After visiting Ayala Museum, we walked our way to Pepi. It was quite a challenge to find, but Waze/Google Maps could be your best friend. It is just a small store that could house approximately 10 customers inside, but don’t worry, because their food is also a to-go kind of food. They also happily deliver their authentic Cuban sandwiches to your doorstep.

I love their menu. They only  have eight sandwiches, which makes the selection process easier. They have sandwiches that are vegetarian-friendly, as well. We were very tempted to order an extra sandwich, but we were in a hurry, so we ended up having one sandwich for each of us. Below are the pictures of the crisp and mouth-watering sandwiches that gave fireworks in our mouths.

On the left is Pepi Cubano, and on the right is Pan de Pollo.

Look at those crispy, buttered bread!!! Plus the generous serving of meat, and other ingredients! *Still dreaming of you*

Pepi Cubano: slow-roasted pork loin marinated in a secret special sauce, with ham, pickles and mustard.
Pan de Pollo: citrus-marinated roast chicken fillet.

The sandwiches come in four slices, and they may look bitin, but these are enough to tame your hunger pangs. The banana chips on the side are perfect complement of the sandwiches.

I personally do not put hot sauce on my meal, but this one is THE BOMB! LIKE SERIOUSLY! It is called Mata Hari or hot honey, and is mainly made from honey, siling labuyo, and calamansi. I think I overly drizzled my cubano with this special hot sauce. (BTW, I want to hoard all the Traydor products!)

Here’s their cute delivery van with their contact details. Give them a call now!!!
Isisingit ko lang. Hahaha!

You may visit Pepi Cubano in Tropical Palms Condominium (ground floor), Gallardo Street cor Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. You may also reach them in these numbers: (02) 8800389 or +63 9075357574. They serve yummy sandwiches from 9 AM until 12 MN.

Verdict: Pepi Cubano is a 4.7/5 for us. It is really that good! And hey, this one is really hard to find! Do yourself a favor, and have a taste of an authentic Cuban sandwich now. šŸ™‚


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