About the Site

Finally, a dream come true!

This blog, before bringing it into being, has been quite a journey in itself. There were a lot of pushing and holding back that happened. There were days when things felt like they were finally falling into place, and I would be so enthusiastic with all the “I’ll-do-it-I’m-going-to-push-myself-to-finally-make-this-baby-project-work-I-swear!” attitude. But there were more days when I would just be so pessimistic, would overly use time as a hindrance, and would justify all the alibis I could think of. Today, I am very glad I won against my pessimistic self, and this baby is now up and running!

My interest in writing started during my elementary years, joining essay-writing contests here and there. When I was in high school, I joined our school paper, and competed in some press conferences. Luckily, I was chosen as editor-in-chief in my senior year. In college, there were a lot of (academic) writing, especially that I belong to the college where writing a paper is a hobby. I could say that my interest in writing has never taken a backseat. When I am not doing some serious writing, I find myself having random musings. From composing and sharing Facebook posts, creating semi-blog entries or re-blogging in Tumblr, micro-blogging in Twitter, or even having my own Q&A or interview inside my head, name it, I’ve done it! I actually made a blog back in college using a different host, but as much as I would like to keep it alive, I want to start afresh, and make myself my own branding, and hopefully make this one work. (My name is already at stake. So please cooperate, self. Hahaha!)

I set-up this blog because I believe that I could write some interesting materials, and I have some good thoughts, discoveries, and adventures to share. You may disagree, and that’s completely fine with me. I actually usually doubt myself, too. Hahaha! Okay, erase, please believe even just a little.

The blog is sorted out in these categories:

MEMOIRS – Everything personal, things that happen to me everyday a.k.a My Talambuhay Sharing

MUSINGS – Thoughts that keep me awake, random ramblings, reflections

FOOD & DINING – All about yummy food and new-found restaurants

PLACES & ADVENTURES – Where my itchy feet bring me, and where my adventurous self takes me

LIFESTYLE – Things that shape my life

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