La Union Adventure Part 2: Surfing

Sharing now the second leg of our adventure that day – surfing!!! (To read the first part, please click here.)

Some of my many goals this year are 1) to be a beach baby, and 2) to try surfing. And last February, I was able to work on my being a beach baby, and to cross off surfing on my bucket list.

San Juan, La Union is rapidly becoming famous because of surfing. It may not boast shores with white sands, but it can still capture your heart with its waves, which you can ride on, whether you are just a beginner or an expert already in surfing. No wonder why it is dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the North.

I really like love  San Juan, particularly Urbiztondo, because aside from the exciting activities you could do, it is also a great food hub! #FoodieAlert There are a lot of food joints around the area, and each joint serves different kinds of food. I swear, you will not run out of choices.

I also like the hipster vibe it exudes. Everyone is just chill, and it makes the idea of “just hanging out” very cool and relaxing.

Going back…

After our trek, we went to Mad Monkeys to have lunch with my colleagues/friends. We ordered burgers, and we can testify that their burgers are the bomb!!! So juicy, beefy, cheesy, and have generous serving of sauce. The burgers are huge and very filling, too! Makes me crave for burger every time I think of it. You may also order their thick-cut fries, which is very yummy as well.  And since it was still high noon after we finished eating, and we wanted to get our sweet tooth fix, we went to El Union to get our daily dose of caffeine, and to have our dessert. Their s’mores is simply addictive! Two thumbs up to our meal selection for that day.

At 3 PM, we went to San Juan Surf to book one hour of one-on-one surfing class. My instructor was Kiko, and Pablo’s instructor was Kuya The Best. Before starting, they asked us first if we are first-timers, and how comfortable are we in the water. Then they taught the parts of the surfing board, the different ways of getting up on the board (with demo and trial), and the safety precautions. After that, it was purely surfing!


Kiko: Ma’am, tayo na. Me: Ayoko. Kiko: Kaya mo ‘yan. Tayo na. Me: Hindi ko kaya. Kiko: Talon na, Ma’am. Me: Okay!

Well, I actually had a 30-minute break. I asked Kiko if we could rest first on the shore because I was really tired. Braving the waves was not an easy feat, especially when you lack sleep, trekked, and cliff dived prior that. Pablo did a great job in sustaining his energy though. He completed one full hour of surfing, and he was able to stand on the board countless times!

I actually put up a long conversation with Kiko while we were on the shore just so he will not ask me to go back to the water. But it did not work. Hahaha! I just requested him instead to get gentler waves that I could ride on, which he did.

Both our instructors were very good, and we highly recommend them. 🙂 Also, props to the other man, who took our photos! Great shots, I must say. (Sorry, we were not able to get his name.)

My happy face below is one of the proof that I still had a lot of fun even if I only surfed for 30 minutes. Hahaha! I may have been very scared and tired the first time I tried surfing, but I will not have second thoughts doing it again.


‘Till we meet again, Elyu!!!

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