Let’s Meet Halfway

Let’s meet halfway.

I’m trying.

Try harder.

Compromising is an important ingredient in making any relationship to work. One party cannot always push for what it wants without giving in to other party’s demands, and vice versa. More than just having a give-and-take relationship, all relationships will eventually have to enter the real world of compromising, because not everything that happens in our relationships is at par to what we perceive as ideal. Misunderstanding happens, dissenting opinions toward things occur, different attitudes start to come out.

Reaching a mutual concession is not an easy peasy effort. It entails a lot of trust and sometimes heartbreaks. What helps a lot is when the involved parties are ready to eat their pride, and debloat their ego. It is also helpful when we just don’t keep tabs of what we are willing to give up; we should also recognize what the other party is willing to surrender.


…meet me in the middle, not somewhere near your side of the spectrum, not somewhere near my side of the spectrum. Just in the middle, where everything may not be ideal, but at least fair.



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