City Kart: A Heart Racing Activity

Last August, Pablo and I decided to try something different. We went to Circuit Makati to try City Kart Racing. I was excited but hesitant at first because I don’t know anything about driving. But Pablo was able to convince me that I’ll easily get the hang of driving it, because it is very similar to a bump car or the ATV I recently tried when I was in Legazpi.

Our schedule fell on a weekday, so when we arrived at City Kart, there were only a handful of people, which  I prefer because aside from short waiting time, there will be less people who will watch us (social facilitation has an adverse effect on me).

This is what will welcome you after walking past the football stadium.


This is what you’ll see when you’re in the reception area. These karts are more “pogi” than the karts used outside.

We arrived early enough to complete our online registration, sign the waiver, and explore the place.

Posing for an IG-worthy post.

More poses while we wait for the orientation, which was then facilitated by kuya who was standing at the back.

Taking more snapshots of the place and the karts. 

Before we sit down on our karts, we attended a brief orientation. Kuya told us the do’s and dont’s, the safety measures that must be observed, and the meanings of the flags they will raise; green flag for go, yellow flag for slowdown/caution, red flag for stop, and checkered flag for finish line. He also told us that we can’t bring our phones with us, so he volunteered to take our photos while we were racing.

Ready to start! Okay, I was still not ready here. The kuyas needed to pad my seat because #TheStruggleIsReal Hahaha! Sorry na, vertically challenged, eh.

Some of the shots kuya took while we were powering ourselves with adrenaline.

Our whole city kart experience was just 12 minutes, but it felt much longer when we were in the arena. The trail is good and challenging enough, especially for newbies like us.

We enjoyed the whole experience, but I think I’ll not be driving anytime soon. Thanks to City Kart, I learned that I’m a kaskaserang (wreckless) driver. Hahaha! I bumped into tires, made abrupt turns, bumped into other people’s karts, which gave me a complete 360-degree turn, and even just with parking the kart, I almost had an accident. It was very evident that I know so little about kart racing and driving.

I was second in place when we started the race, until Pablo superseded me after observing if I can manage on my own. Then everyone else followed. I ranked last at the end of the race. But I don’t mind. The experience itself made me a winner already. Charot!

14060018_1252237321453009_1183737613_oAfter the race, we went up to take more photos, and rest. That was a nerve-wracking experience!

More shots of ourselves while cooling down.

We were very lucky because it did not rain for the whole 12 minutes that we were racing. It rained before and after our race.

I highly recommend to call City Kart first before going to Circuit Makati, and make a reservation days before your target schedule to ensure you’ll be accommodated once you’re there.

For more information about City Kart Racing at Circuit Makati, you may check their Facebook page here.

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