Fun Facts about Mary Rose

Because the content in my About Me page may not be enough to know me better, might as well dedicate my first blog post to thy self. Narcissist, eh?  😃

Disclaimer: I’m not good in writing something about myself.

  1. I’m 24 years old. I could probably trick anyone that I’m forever 21 (or even younger than 21!), but no, I’m proud to be 24. Cheers to realizing that I’m getting older but wiser. Chos! 😂 
  2. Given my age, it can be calculated that I was born in the Year of the Monkey. When you read about the description of those born under this Chinese zodiac, you’ll know that we are stubborn, but clever and creative. Pretty much accurate. Woot, woot! 
  3. Because I’m a bit chinita, I’m often mistaken to be Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and lately Korean. But I swear, as far as I can trace back my roots, I can’t find a line connecting me to any of these nationalities.
  4. I’m an introvert person. Yes, this is true. Some may not agree with this, but my psych tests are consistently predicting that I am. I could appear extrovert in some cases, but that needs too much effort and confidence on my part. As cliché as it may sound, but my motto on this is to fake it ’til you make it.
  5. I am left-handed, but I use my right hand more often. I usually call myself kaliweteng hilaw, because my left hand is only dominant when I write on paper.
  6. I can raise my eyebrows alternately. One of the very few talents I have, if that’s even a talent to begin with. Hahaha!
  7. I’m definitely a cry-baby. I cry over the simplest things. Ever felt the pain in your throat when you’re about to cry? Argh! I always feel that for trying to hold back tears.
  8. I like and enjoy people-watching when I have the time to just observe what’s around me, but not to the extent of becoming a stalker. Promise!
  9. I love yoga! The best exercise in my own opinion. 🙆
  10. I hate being chased. I always tell people that if zombie apocalypse will really happen, I’ll surrender myself to the zombies, and I’ll not fight for my life. Ayoko maging habulin. 😨✌
  11. I love summer, and all its vibrancy! Cue in: Pocketful of Sunshine 🌞
  12. I super-duper hate rain. It makes me sad and lethargic.
  13. I am a morning person. What’s not to love about mornings? 😊 HINT: Morning stretch and breakfast are always a good idea.
  14. I will always be grateful with all the things I am blessed with. I may not always get a “yes” right away, but what I have now, both immaterial and material, are reflective of His unconditional love and unending grace. 🙏
  15. My goal everyday is to inspire, encourage and spread positivity to everyone I meet, face-to-face or virtually. 😇

I guess I have to cut my blabbering for now. But I really hope you’ll join me as we both figure out something about Mary Rose in every post in this blog. Stay with me as I get lost in my own thoughts, chance upon worthwhile discoveries, and explore new things and adventures!

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